Calem and Serena WIP. Both are mostly finished and just need a few fixes here and there. Laura will be going as Serena, and I’ll be going as Calem on Friday of Midoricon. Hopefully, as the new wig I ordered for  Yveltal (on July 8th, mind you) will not be coming in time for the con. So, I’m not sure what I’m doing about that yet. These two will be finished at least, thankfully. 

No other WIP pictures of Serena’s skirt because I sewed everything today.  It needs to be ironed again. xD But I’m too hot as it is, so I’ll do the rest of the work tomorrow or some other time this week. 

All right, so all of my friends know that I’m not a big shoe person, but we were at the mall today in search of a hat for Calem (which we did find). And this store was having a sale and all of their shoes were 65% off. So, I saw these, and they’re probably the most beautiful shoes I have ever seen in my life. xD So, we ended up going back for them after eating lunch with one of my old art teachers. I had to post them because I love these things so much. xD

On a cosplay related note, I bought the fabric for my friend’s skirt (for Serena). I still need to make her skirt and finish Calem’s jacket, but I’m not too worried about it. 

Midoricon Stuff: I still haven’t gotten Yveltal’s new wig yet (I was not given a tracking number either), and I ordered this wig on the 8th of July. My Dad said he was going to contact the person for me, as I’m not very stern/good at this type of thing, but this is a bit ridiculous. On the bright side, Calem’s wig came yesterday, so I’ll style it this weekend or next before the con. I also sewed the white lines onto Calem’s sleeves, but haven’t done anything on him since. However, I’ll have him done before Monday. I have to buy the fabric for, and make Serena’s skirt for Laura, as well, but it shouldn’t take me too long. I probably won’t be making Calem’s bag, as I kind of forgot he had one (oops). I’m not sure what I’ll be doing if the new wig doesn’t come in time. I could use her old one, but Laura and I lack the same skills Viz has when it comes to getting a wig to stay on one’s head. (Praise Viz’s magical abilities with wigs. My mom’s fairly handy, though, so she might be able to get it stay.) If not, I might have other wigs that would work (Ren’s, or Ash’s are the first that come to mind.) So, I should still be taking her either way, unless their wigs don’t look good for her. 

My line-up should be: 

Friday: Calem (Laura will be Serena)

Saturday: Yveltal

Sunday: Muarim

I’ll probably change into Calem again later at night on Saturday. Muarim (possibly surprisingly) is one of my favorite costumes, so I’m happy to get the chance to wear him again.The amount of characters that I want to cosplay from Fire Emblem is gross. And I don’t know Laura’s other plans for the weekend. This will be our first time at Midoricon. It feels like so long since it’s been my first time at any con. xD I’ll make a cosplay thing closer to the con (And when I know what’s going on with Yveltal.) I haven’t been feeling good for some time now, so we don’t have anything planned for the con, as I’m taking a break from things I would normally do. I’m looking forward to a relaxing con!

Calem WIP. I haven’t been sewing lately, as my motivation has been awful, and I haven’t been feeling well. But, I worked on him a bit today. However, I think my sewing machine is broken. He’s making this awful noise that he’s never made before. The actually stitching isn’t messing up, but I can’t figure out why he’s making the noise. He fell from a tray table not that long ago, so I’m assuming something got messed up when that happened, so I’d like to get him checked out before I do more sewing. 

On the bright side, Calem’s almost done. I just need to do the white parts and the zipper. (I’m hoping that I won’t have to hand sew them.)


Everynyan! We’d like to make the formal announcement of the Fandom Bazaar! Sarah, one of our awesome Anime Anonymous members (from the club that manages NyanCon), was inspired to create a geek market that’s a combination dealer’s room, artist alley, flea market, and miscellaneous arts and crafts day for the nerd community at large! There’s no cost for entry and no registration cost to sell (first-come first-served table seating for sellers). We’ll also be selling fresh goodies at the bake sale to raise money for NyanCon, so stop by and hopefully we can make this a regular event. 

Official rules will be posted closer to the event, keep your eyes peeled here for more details or email for more questions!

Yep. Pretty sure you’ve always wanted this.

This is a really bad picture, but here’s a WP photo of Calem. This is the first sewing I’ve done in a month, so I thought I would upload some progress. He shouldn’t take me long, assuming I don’t get distracted. 

I got the life-size plush a few days ago, and I love him so much. I thought it would make for a cute picture to put him next to the Pokedoll. 

In sewing news, I’m currently cutting out the pattern and fabric for Calem. 

So…I bought the life-size Fennekin plush (I’ll post a picture of it with the Pokedoll version a bit later). I’ve wanted this thing for so long, don’t judge me. It was so worth it. xD I’m tempted to throw together Calem and Serena cosplays now for Midoricon. xD (For myself and Laura. She’s so much taller than me, but she wouldn’t need a wig for Serena, so I think having her be Serena would be best despite the massive height difference. xD) 

Just got from Ikasucon! I had a good time, and I bought so many things. I’m really tired and have an awful headache, but it was fun! 

The stickers and figures are gifts for friends. (I hope you guys like them! I didn’t know what to get you guys, so I thought Pokemon that you guys like might be a good idea.^^) I don’t have a card for the person that made the stickers, so if you know who they are please let me know. 

Hopefully I’ll write up a review soon, but if I don’t get around to it. I just want to give a massive shout out to the Seth cosplayer from Trinity Blood for being just being super nice and amazing, as well as everything you did for me. It really means so much to me!

uryuu-ryuunosuke asked: happy birthday!

Thank you so much!