I’m going on hiatus from the internet/certain websites for a week. I should be back on the 24th if things are going better for me. Thank you for understanding!

meandmylittlevoices asked: Your Yveltal cosplay looks amazing! 8D I love the fabric- to me it looks like a mottled mix of red and black, and it's so beautiful.

Ahhhh, thank you so much!

Cosplayer:  Yveltal (Me)

Photographer: My friend, Laura 

(I didn’t notice that my cape/neck thing had folded in half due to the wind pushing on it, but I still like these photos! And I still have DMG’s make-up on.) I had ordered a second wig for this cosplay due to the fact that her normal wig can be difficult to keep on for an entire day, however, the second wig never came. So, I had to pull one out of my collection the day before Midoricon. The wig I’m wearing is Ren’s wig, but it ended up matching the costume nicely so I’ll be using it in the future. Many thanks to Laura for just being awesome!

kaishun answered your question:Pictures belong to the Pokemon company.  Hello! I…

Personally, I think it looks asymetrical—the cloud poof attaches to the straps on both sides, but on one side it goes down further.

Ah, I didn’t even think of that. Thank you! 

Pictures belong to the Pokemon company. 

Hello! I was wondering if you guys could give me some advice/opinions? My mom is trying to get me back into sewing due to how down I’ve been lately. I was going to cosplay someone else, but due to money and time, that won’t be happening. So, I thought a Pokemon cosplay would be perfect, as I was thinking about doing a new one in the summer anyway. 

I’m in love Lisia’s design. She’s just so pretty! But the limited amount of pictures of her right now makes it hard for me to tell everything that’s going on (I’d rather not wait until ORAS comes out, as I tend to be slow when it comes to sewing clothing.) So, I was wondering if you guys could give me some opinions?

Do you guys think the cloud puff on her neck just sits around her neck, or does it turn into the other strap? If it’s not the other strap, does she only have one? Does anyone have an advice on gradient dyeing fabric/a good tutorial (I’ve never done it before)? (I’m assuming I can use fabric paint to make the little stars/shiny things). Any other tips/advice/things I’m not seeing (thank you so much in advance)?

Hey! While we were vlogging we ended up getting a short video and some pictures of the Pokemon shoot. We didn’t know my camera could actually do this (take video and pictures at the same time), so we ended up with this neat little video! Apologies for the background noise and if we missed your photo. It didn’t record all of them. (We don’t really know how to work the feature. xD)

Cosplayers: Serena, Calem (Me)

Photographer: My Mom

I had so much fun doing this cosplay, even if it was super last minute. 

Part one of our adventures at Midoricon is now up!

Teaser of Midoricon 2014! Thank you so much to everyone at the con!

Midoricon is a 3-day anime convention held at the Maumee Bay Lodge & Conference Center in Oregon, Ohio. This year it was September 5th-7th. 

Hi, from midoricon!