uryuu-ryuunosuke asked: happy birthday!

Thank you so much!

  1. thebrittles said: I am so jealous! Happy Birthday, btw!!!

Thank you so much!

So, we’re really cool and we went to Build-A-Bear for my Birthday in cosplay. I took a lot of pictures (Half of them being me trying to get a picture of Viz). xD

Cosplayers: Brock, N (Me), L, Penny, Dean (Sam, doesn’t have a place for me to credit me), Joshua (Erin, who also doesn’t have a place for me to credit her),  Clara Oswald, and River Song. (The rest of my friends in the pictures aren’t in cosplay, and I don’t have a place  to link to the,) 

Photos: Myself, My Dad, The really awesome woman that had to deal with us. 

This is N’s shirt. (I’ve been cosplaying this man for a year, and I still don’t have any pictures of him. This year was my fault because I forgot his necklace so I refused to take any. xD) 

I lost his old shirt, which is a shame because it was made out of really nice material. So, anyway, we had to rush out to find a replacement two or so days before Nationals (I was not up for sewing it, as I was still stressed and not feeling well about my main cosplay that weekend.) The only we could find end up being an extra large that we had to safety pin to get it look okay. xD 

I’m wearing him on Saturday for my Birthday party because we’re cool and we’re adults and we’re going to Build-A-Bear in cosplay (which the woman who checked us in was totally cool with. xD) So, I wanted to fix the shirt so we wouldn’t have to safety pin it any more. (The amount I took this thing in by was extreme.) 

Sitri/Sytry WIP. Please ignore how badly he needs to be ironed because my Grandma’s machine is picky and likes to bunch stuff up that can be ironed out.

Very slow progress, clearly, but all of the lines are done. The other side is identical this one. The jacket should go fairly smoothy from here. After that we’ll start the blouse. (I always do a project with my Grandma once a year, as she’s the one that helped me get started with sewing.) 

I’m going to kick myself in the butt and start working on Mightyena again sometime this week. And, I might post some fabric for Eren. I got two different browns at a garage sale last summer that I thought might work for an SNK cosplay, but I want a second opinion because I’m afraid they might be too light weight. Also, I’m upset because I found the prefect material for his pants the other day, but it was on sale, so I have to wait for it to go off so I can use a coupon. I’m hoping to have all of his fabric by the time I start back up at school so I can work on him there, as I don’t think my possible new roommate will appreciate me working on a quadsuit in a tiny dorm room. xD

We gave my dog a bath today. He looked so betrayed when we put him in the tub. And I thought he wouldn’t be able to get out (our tub is fairly deep and he’s 12 years old), but he can.

Friday-Silver, Saturday-Morgiana, and Sunday-Sei. 

This should be my line-up for Ikasucon, unless I change my mind before we leave for the con. I hope to see you there! 

Sitri/Sytry WIP. I have no set deadline with him, so he’s moving along very slowly. I have three more of the white lines to sew onto his jacket. Once they’re on, I can sew the lining and finish it fairly quickly. 

I have to take a picture of Noya, as well, and I plan to start working on Mightyena again soon. 

cicimagica asked: Omg your shiny sylveon plush is so cute i wanna learn to sew plushies so bad! Do you sell them?

Thank you so much, It means a lot to me! I wish you the best of luck if you start making plushies! I do. My information is here. (Though it needs to be updated with with standing style beanie style.) 

Hello! Oh gosh, I just got online, and I’m so overwhelmed by everything. I promise I’ll get right to the messages, and thank you all so much for following me. I never even dreamed one of my posts would get this money notes, and I am so grateful to Pokemon-Personalities for reblogging those images. I really can’t thank her enough (or everyone that has liked/reblogged them). I really wish I could go through and thank everyone that commented on them/did anything. So, this is my giant thank you to all of you. 

I also do apologize to my new followers. This is con season for me, so most of what I’ll be posting will be cosplay-related instead of plush-related for a little while until plush season comes back up. (There will be plush, though, just not as much as during plush season.)