We gave my dog a bath today. He looked so betrayed when we put him in the tub. And I thought he wouldn’t be able to get out (our tub is fairly deep and he’s 12 years old), but he can.

Friday-Silver, Saturday-Morgiana, and Sunday-Sei. 

This should be my line-up for Ikasucon, unless I change my mind before we leave for the con. I hope to see you there! 

Sitri/Sytry WIP. I have no set deadline with him, so he’s moving along very slowly. I have three more of the white lines to sew onto his jacket. Once they’re on, I can sew the lining and finish it fairly quickly. 

I have to take a picture of Noya, as well, and I plan to start working on Mightyena again soon. 

cicimagica asked: Omg your shiny sylveon plush is so cute i wanna learn to sew plushies so bad! Do you sell them?

Thank you so much, It means a lot to me! I wish you the best of luck if you start making plushies! I do. My information is here. (Though it needs to be updated with with standing style beanie style.) 

Hello! Oh gosh, I just got online, and I’m so overwhelmed by everything. I promise I’ll get right to the messages, and thank you all so much for following me. I never even dreamed one of my posts would get this money notes, and I am so grateful to Pokemon-Personalities for reblogging those images. I really can’t thank her enough (or everyone that has liked/reblogged them). I really wish I could go through and thank everyone that commented on them/did anything. So, this is my giant thank you to all of you. 

I also do apologize to my new followers. This is con season for me, so most of what I’ll be posting will be cosplay-related instead of plush-related for a little while until plush season comes back up. (There will be plush, though, just not as much as during plush season.) 

Really quick (and I mean really quick) Pokemon shaming doodles of Rune’s Mightyena (Robbin), and August’s Luxray (Curium). 

Robbin’s says, “I try to eat my eat sister.” (Which was Viz’s idea).

Curium’s says, “I track blood onto my master’s white carpet :c.” (because no one can convince me that August wouldn’t put a sad face on it.) 

I just thought it would be fun to try out. 

Sylveon beanie I made a week or so ago. He’s very soft, and also very floppy. 

Photographer: Emily 

(Yveltal Gijinka) Cosplayer: Me

I debated if I wanted to post any pictures of this cosplay on here, but I’ve been posting WIP pictures for a while so I thought I should. So, here a few pictures that my friend took at Nationals this year. I had a lot of fun. 

I promise I plan to post cosplay things today. (I’ve been on a break from sewing, so I don’t have too much to show.) I got this guy in the mail today! Two more cards left to go!

I don’t normally post things like this, but I’m very happy with my collection. (To my knowledge/looking at Bulbapedia, I’m only three cards short of owning them all. I do plan to buy the two cheaper cards I’m missing, but I’m hoping to trade for Light Arcanine.) Most of these cards I got trading with people at Nationals the past few years (many thanks to all of you who have helped me expand this collection), some of them I’ve had for years, and a few of them were gifts/prizes. 

Arcanine is a very near and dear to my heart (for reasons my friends know), and it makes me very happy to have all of these. 

Apologizes for the reflection on the card at the bottom middle of the first page. (It’s just of the text on the shirt I’m wearing. xD)